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Through Baptism, God enables us to participate in his life in Jesus Christ and makes us his children. It is through this sacrament that we receive the Holy Spirit and become members of the People of God, of the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Baptism becomes our commitment to grow in this new life and to strive to acquire spiritual maturity. By baptism, God purifies us from sin. 

Divine Mercy Parish offers baptismal preparation sessions for parents who are expecting. We ask you to participate in these sessions prior to the birth of your child. These sessions are intended to help parents understand the role they play in the faith formation of their child. For more information please, contact Matt and Sharon Meyer at 812-639-2890. 

If you are an adult and have questions about joining the Catholic Church through Baptism, please contact Janie Kempf at

Baptism Form for Children

Godparent/Sponsor Form








First Communion or the celebration of the first Eucharist for youth is during the second grade. The initiation into the Christian community that took place at baptism is further extended by inviting children to enter fully into the heart of Christian faith through participation in the Eucharist.  Preparation for this sacrament is done during religious education classes and through parent sessions to help children prepare for this joyous celebration.


Reconciliation is an important part of our faith as it is through reconciliation that we are healed and able to participate fully in the grace that Christ offers us.  Through penance, the faithful receive pardon through God's mercy for the sins they have committed. At the same time, they are reconciled with the Church community. The confession, or disclosure, of sins frees us and facilitates our reconciliation with others.

Confessions are heard 30 minutes before the Saturday evening Mass.  On the first Sunday of every month, confessions can be heard 30 minutes prior to the Sunday morning Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and 30 minutes prior to the Sunday morning Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Church.  By appointment, please call Janie Kempf at the Parish Office and arrangements will be made for a Priest to be available.


By a signing with the gift of the Spirit, confirmation enriches the baptized with the Holy Spirit, binding them more perfectly to the Church, and strengthening them in their witness to Christ by word and deed and in their work to bring to its fullness the Body of Christ. 

Confirmation occurs during the sophomore year of high school and provides for the youth to make a decision on their faith. This is a time to ask questions and explore our faith in greater depth. This is the third Sacrament of initiation with Baptism and First Communion.  This process invites the youth to make an informed decision, take seriously their commitment to Christ and to the Church and be a true Disciple.  Confirmation is conferred through anointing with chrism and the laying on of hands.


Divine Mercy Parish blesses and honors the institution of marriage and the family with a thorough preparation for a Catholic wedding. Couples should contact Janie Kempf at 812.326.2777 ext. 2 at least six months before the marriage. Instruction is given by clergy and Marriage Sponsor Couples. 

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Anointing of the Sick

Through the sacrament of anointing, Christ strengthens the faithful who are in need of spiritual, physical, or emotional healing, providing them with the strongest means of support. Jesus showed great concern for the bodily and spiritual welfare of the sick and commanded his followers to do the same. It is especially appropriate when a person is seriously ill, facing surgery or near death. Contact the Parish Center office to make arrangements.

Holy Orders

Divine Mercy Parish encourages vocational discernment. We ask for the prayers of our parishioners for those who might be contemplating a religious life. We ask parents to encourage their children.  Contact the Parish Office for guidance and assistance in discovering if a life of service to Christ in the form of the Religious Life is for them. You can find more information and support from the Vocation Office for the Diocese of Evansville.

A Prayer for Vocations

O God, Father of all Mercies,
Provider of a bountiful Harvest,

send Your Graces upon those
You have called to gather the fruits of Your labor;
preserve and strengthen them in their lifelong service of you.

Open the hearts of Your children
that they may discern Your Holy Will;
inspire in them a love and desire to surrender themselves
to serving others in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.

Teach all Your faithful to follow their respective paths in life
guided by Your Divine Word and Truth.
Through the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary,
all the Angels, and Saints, humbly hear our prayers
and grant Your Church's needs, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.