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          Vacation Bible School will be held June 7-11 for children age 4-Grade 5 at the Parish Center.






2021 52-Week Raffle

We are officially kicking off ticket sales of our 2021 52-Week Raffle!

The first drawing will occur on Monday, January 4, 2021 and continue every Monday until December 27, 2021.  Only 1,000 tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.  

Each ticket is $52.00.

Ticket purchasers and owners must be 18 years of age or older.

Additional rules and restrictions apply.

Click here for more details, order form, and raffle rules.  2021 52-Week Raffle winners are also listed below the 2021 Raffle information.




 The Mass Schedule is below.

Saturday --- 4:30 PM at St. Anthony Church

Sunday---8:00 AM at Sacred Heart church

Sunday --- 10:00 AM at St. Anthony of Padua Church

Tuesday --- 6:00 PM at St. Anthony of Padua Church

Wednesday --- 6:00 PM at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church


There are specific protocols that will be in effect at each weekend and weekday Mass and for every person in attendance at these Public Masses.  Please carefully and thoroughly read this document.  Click here for further information on the requirements by all who attend Public Masses at Divine Mercy Parish.

We will continue to live stream the 4:30 PM Saturday evening Mass.

Please continue to pray for all who are affected.


Scroll down a little more to see information about the Live Stream of Weekend Masses!



Below is the link for Online Sunday Collection Giving for Divine Mercy Parish, through the Diocese:


Please click on the link above and follow the directions.  There is a place to select Divine Mercy Parish.

A Stewardship Message from Bishop Joseph M. Siegel - Click here to watch.




Beginning April 18th, Mass will be live streamed through our parish's Facebook page every Saturday evening at 4:30 pm Eastern. 

A recording of the Mass will be available on our Facebook page immediately after the live stream is finished.  A link will be available on our website approximately an hour after the live stream is over.

You can access the recorded live streamed Mass at any time later Saturday evening or anytime Sunday.  The link for the weekend Mass will be available on our website until the following week's Mass.  The recorded live streamed Mass will be available on our Facebook page indefinitely.

*active links are in red below

The Act of Spiritual Holy Communion Prayer is available on our website.  Click here to access it.  Scroll to the bottom of the web page to find it.

When you click on the links below, you will be redirected to Facebook.  You do not need to create an account or log on to watch the live stream of the masses.

Click here to go to Facebook to watch the live stream of the weekend Mass.

*Note: If you are watching the live stream with a phone and start seeing comments/reactions, you can swipe from left to right (over the comments) to dismiss the comments from appearing while the live stream is occurring.



COVID-19 Religious Resources

-- Mass Options, including the Spiritual Holy Communion Prayer: Click here for a listing of Live Streaming Mass Options

-- List of Resources for Religious Education at home - click here

-- View Daily Readings on our website.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the readings.

-- Stations of the Cross booklets are available in the back of both churches for you to pray at your convenience.




Pictures of our Parish Family


Saturday Night Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (June 2019)

Sunday Morning Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (June 2019)

Sunday Morning Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Church (June 2019)


Office Hours

Parish Center Office Hours
Parish Center located at 4444 S Ohio Street
St. Anthony, IN 47575

Phone: 812-326-2777

Monday 8am-12pm
Tuesday-Thursday 8am-4pm
Closed Fridays

Prayer Requests

Prayer List

To place a name on our Parish's Prayer List, please call the Parish Office.

Prayer Line

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate prayers, please contact Pat Fleck at 812-482-5480 or Sara Betz at 812-630-9720. 

Diocese of Evansville Bulletin Board

The Diocese of Evansville publishes the Bulletin Board in its weekly publication of The Message.  The Bulletin Board contains a roundup of upcoming and ongoing events across our 12 counties.  Click below for a diocese-wide list of events.

Click here to view an online version of the Bulletin Board.

Mass Times

4:30pm (SAP) October-March
4:30pm (SHJ) April-September

8:00am (SHJ)
10:00am (SAP) - Rosary begins at 9:30am (April-September)

Tuesday- 6:00pm (SAP)
Wednesday- 6:00pm (SHJ)
(If there is a funeral on a Tuesday or Wednesday, there will be no Mass but there will be a Patriotic Rosary prayed at 6:00pm.)

SHJ: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Schnellville Campus
SAP: St. Anthony of Padua, St. Anthony Campus

Need Help?

Catholic Charities of Evansville offers...

  • Outpatient Counseling for individuals, marriages, and families
  • Life and Job Skills
  • Family Development Programs
  • Immigration Legal Services

Call 812-423-5456 for more information or visit www.ccevansville.org.

Daily Verse

Weekly reading

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