Parish Council

The Parish Council is the principal governing body for Divine Mercy Parish, subject to the canonical authority of the pastor and the bishop.  Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Parish Center at the St. Anthony of Padua Campus.  All Parish members are welcome.  Parish Council Chairperson is Tom Brames.

Parish Commissions

Any Parish member interested in helping with any one of the Commissions below should contact the Parish Office.

Buildings & Grounds -- This commission is responsible for the maintenance of all buildings and grounds at both church campuses.  Commission Chairpersons are Jon Hurst (St. Anthony Campus) and Mark Fischer (Sacred Heart Campus).

Catechesis & Religious Formation -- This commission is responsible for the education and faith formation of all parishioners.  Commission Chairperson is Janie Kempf.

Communications -- This commission is responsible for all communications related to the Parish, such as the church bulletin, quarterly newsletter, contact directory, Parish website, and Parish Facebook page.  Commission Chairperson is Steve Hauser.

Evangelization Outreach -- This commission is responsible for identifying the needs of our neighbors, whether they be Divine Mercy parishioners or persons within or outside of our parish boundaries.  Commission Chairperson is Michele Kordes.

Finance -- This commission is responsible for all financial aspects related to our Parish, such as preparing the annual budget, review of monthly income & expenses, and preparing the annual report.  Commission Chairperson is Bill Hauser.

Liturgy & House of Prayer -- This commission is responsible for Liturgical Ministries, prayer & devotions, and the church art and decorations at both campuses.  Commission Chairperson is Matt Mehling.