Intercessory Prayer Ministry


Praying Hands

In the midst of his greatest trial, Jesus prayed fervently. He prayed not only for himself but for his disciples and us in Luke 22:41-42


As a parish community, we lift up and support one another through prayer  You can join our Intercessory Prayer Ministry and provide personal prayers for immediate prayer needs. Ministry members will receive a text message or phone call when immediate prayers are needed for individuals.

If you or someone one you know is in need of prayer; or if you are interested in becoming part of our team, please contact one of the individuals below.

Pat Fleck: 812-482-5480

Sara Betz: 812-630-9720

If you would like someone added to our parish's prayer list, please contact the Parish Office at 812-326-2777.       


 10 Reasons Prayer is the Ultimate Answer:

  1. Prayer admits we have a problem.
  2. Prayer admits we don't have the final solution.
  3. Prayer goes right to the source.
  4. Prayer is about being know and loved.
  5. Prayer doesn't require a degree in religion.
  6. Prayer gives the stress over to God.
  7. Prayer changes me.
  8. Prayer reframes the problem.
  9. Prayer leads us to action.
  10. Prayer changes the world.